Token incentivized collaboration community for developers
We believe each and every one’s contribution makes the world a better place.
At, every contribution to be recognized and rewarded with transparency.
How it works
1. Create a project
Create a new project or import your existing project
2. Escrow the reward budget
Escrow the tokens (TTC, ETH or your own token), which will be used as reward for contributors
3. Set the reward rule
A clear reward rule helps the community to grow naturally, driving contributors to collaborate for better results
4. Let the collaboration happen!
Contributors will get rewarded for creating issues, committing code, merging branches, forking repositories, and reviewing code. offers token-incentivized open-source collaboration tools and community solutions.


  • Token escrow for projects
  • Reward engine with smart contract
  • Source hosting (git/mercury)
  • Bug/Issue tracking
  • Contribution ranking (Leaderboard)
  • Wiki/Documentation management
  • Feature request
  • And more based on your contribution
Mission itself is an open-source project and we are looking for developers and supporters to build this rebellious idea together. TTC Protocol, as one of initiators, will provide funding, reward engine technology and other technical support for the project. If you are also interested, Please contact us.

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